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Nov 30, 2020

On Easter Sunday 2019, Olivia receives a package and makes a call. Also: a look back at the past!

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains adult language, threats of suicide, discussion of medical abuse, transphobia, and deadnaming of a trans woman.

SPECIAL CONTENT WARNING: If you are coping with suicidal thoughts or...

Nov 23, 2020

With access to their primary source cut off, Bea and Brenda start tugging at loose ends and discover something that changes the Dan Hamill case forever. Also: a blizzard! Just in time for Easter!

CONTENT WARNING: This episode features adult language, loud noises, discussion of medical abuse, discussions of death...

Nov 16, 2020

In the wake of a horrible tragedy, Team Arden struggles with its next move, while Dana holds a seance to chat with her dad. Or anyone she can get in touch with, really. Also: Lorena Christopher meets the parents!
CONTENT WARNING: This episode features adult language, loud noises, discussions of death, discussions of...

Nov 9, 2020

Rosalind and Pamela head to Hamill Hills Ranch for a late-night ghost hunt and find much, much more than they expected. Also, a challenge to a foot race!

Content Warning: Strong language, sirens, discussions of mental illness, discussions of infertility, and death.

Written by Sara Ghaleb and Libby Hill

Directed by Sara...