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Jul 27, 2020

Arden, season 2, episode 4 - "Distracted Multitude"


On one eventful day, Bea investigates the mysteries of love, Brenda investigates the mysteries of death, and Lorena gets a flat tire. Also: Andy Wheyface meets his match!


CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains adult language, drinking, loud noises, and brief moments of homophobia and transphobia.


Written by Lenny Burnham and Christopher Dole

Directed by Sara Ghaleb

Recording Engineer - Ernesto Hurtado

Editor – Chad Ellis

Composer - Christopher Hatfield

Featuring "Now Is the Time,” written by Laura Stratford, performed by Libby Woodbridge



Michelle Agresti as Bea Casely

Tracey Sayed as Brenda Bentley

Shannon Estabrook as Rosalind Ursula and Townie #2

Charlita Gaston as Pamela Pink

Benjamin Watts as Andy Wheyface

Mia Drake as Lorena Christopher

Libby Woodbridge as Dana Hamill

Saoirse Ó Súilleabháin as Olivia Breckenridge


Guest starring:

Zach Grenier as Clyde Hamill

Rebecca Metz as Trudy Hamill

Oscar Jordan as Paul Breckenridge

Mike Bash as Jake Wunder, Ranch Hand #1, and Townie #1

Nelinda Palomino as Alexandria “Red” Dutton

Kirk Novak as Nelson Fairfield

Katie Wright as Helen Fairfield

Tal Minear as Mel

Grant Patrizio as Nashville Osric and Ranch Hand

Mike Bash, Benjamin Watts, and Oscar Jordan as Ranch Hands

Katie Wright and Omar Andrade as College Students

Travis Reaves as Art

David Mishmerheisen as Benny


Arden was created and executive produced by Emily VanDerWerff, Christopher Dole, and Sara Ghaleb. Our co-executive producers are Chad Ellis, Libby Hill, and Ernesto Hurtado. Our logo was designed by Dylan Farr.

Our sponsors: Tab for a Cause and Purple Carrot